• Latestline of Ozonizers

    ISO 9001 Certified Ozone

    Power Output:

    5G per hour to 200G per hour Power Ozone Output.

  • AfterSales Service

    Keep your machine running like new
    with regular maintenance checks.


    Preventive Maintenance, Upgrade, Parts, Ozone Level Testing, Installation and Design

  • Completeline of Ozonizers

    For industrial, commercial and
    household use.

    Power Output:

    400mg per hour to 10,000mg per hour Power Ozone Output.

  • PureO3Ozonizers

    The natural way to become
    chemical free.


    Removes Pesticides and Chlorine, Prevents Skin Disease, Kills Bacteria, Eliminates Viruses, Effective Deodorizer.

  • Completeline of Ozonizers

    For industrial, commercial and
    household use.


    From Household (400mg per hour) to Industrial (10,000mg per hour) Power Ozone Output.

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Popular Applications

Discover the vast possibilities of Ozone, a natural oxidant highly regarded for its powerful germicidal properties and efficacy in sanitizing virtually all kinds of environment. Read on and learn how you or your business can get the most benefit from its versatile applications.

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Features Overview

Kills Bacteria

Kills Bacteria

Ward off illnesses by getting rid of bacteria, mold, and other pollutants.

Removes Chlorine

Removes Chlorine

Easy-to-maintain pools that’s safe for everyone to swim into.
Prevents Skin Disease

Prevent Skin Diseases

Maintain healthy skin without having to use tons of beauty products.

Eliminates Viruses

Eliminate Viruses

Don’t let allergies and infections prevent you from enjoying life.
Effective Deodorizer

Effective Deodorizer

Fresh and cleaner air that’s free from odor and strong smells.

Removes Pesticides

Remove Pesticides

Go organic in minutes with fruits and produce rinsed in ozone water.